GEI-2A. Grupo europeo de ingeniería agroalimentaria y ambiental

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Offering the best team of specialists for each project

At GEI-2A we conceive each project starting from the same premiss: DIRECT ATTENTION TO THE CUSTOMER, by way of a team of experienced specialists, each one operating in his or her field of specific activity:

Logistics and industrial IT.
Specific foodstuffs processes.
Laboratories for formulating and designing new food products.
Start-up of industries.
Specialised environmental engineering.
Implementation of quality control systems.

Technology and philosophy for your projects

Technological goals related to production

We look for advanced and consolidated technological approaches which will comply with all of the current legal requirements (technico-sanitary regulations and rules of production safety and hygiene) and environment legislation and which ensure high product quality.

We guarantee compliance with the current EU and national technical and health legislation on this type of facilities.

The GEI-2A philosophy

We offer you our close collaboration for your projects during the following stages: Creating a service for the customer’s benefit. Adding value to the project.

Technological goals related to facilities and services

The energy production systems offering the maximum rationalisation of energy consumptions will be implanted. Achieving this goal necessarily entails attaining a high degree of centralisation of systems.

The aim is to achieve minimum maintenance and operating costs. We guarantee compliance the current health regulations on the matter.

Stages of a Project

Preliminary project

This essential stage is carried out through a true partnership between the industrial customer and the engineering firm, with the aim of drawing up a good definition of the programme.

The evolution of the project towards its definitive status will proceed by way of meetings with the engineers, thus allowing the promoter to choose between the technical solutions proposed on the basis of the various technico-economic studies.

Following this, the conception studies will be conducted, taking into account the technical, sanitary, hygienic and operational conditioning factors.

The conception of this "Preliminary Project" stage will consist of:

  • A technical memorandum specifying all of the proposed supplies, in both materials and machinery or specialised equipment.
  • An estimate of the cost of the work broken down by construction items.
  • Distribution plans (site, façades, cross-sections, etc.)
  • Documents required for the administrative dossiers.
  • A general schedule of the work.

Projection of execution

Once the customer has given its approval of the Preliminary Project dossier, we carry out the execution projects, that is, drawing up the assignment schedules, item by item, enabling the companies you select to make their bids regarding the basic solution established.

Also in this stage, during the processing of the Planning Permission, Activities Permit, Subsidies, etc., the necessary architectural studies can be made in colour, façade shape and computerised perspectives.

Works management

This is the stage of execution and completion of the project, under the supervision of the Site Engineer, who is in charge of drawing up a technical and financial report. The works management comprises the following:

  • A site meeting (frequency to be defined) allowing monitoring of executions, coordination of companies, verification of characteristics and monitoring of the work schedule.
  • Monitoring of the companies’ execution periods, to the purpose of coordination (scheduling, etc.)
  • Monitoring the general budgeting of the operation (operations contracted, operations to be contracted, monthly situation reports, etc.)
  • Acceptance of works and constitution of dossiers of executed works (works certifications).

Assistance with contracting

This consists of the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the companies’ bids, carried out by the engineering firm and culminating in the drafting of a technical and financial report.

In collaboration with the customer, the pre-selected companies are invited to tender, with the aim of obtaining the defined dossiers, in accordance with the stipulated technical and economic conditions and deadlines.
This enables the customer to choose the most suitable suppliers and negotiate with them the best technical characteristics and the best price during this stage, while at the same time ensuring that the quality, characteristics and technical level of the bid are not lowered.

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