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Location Selection

Location selection service

GEI-2A's objective, as a specialised engineering firm, is to find the best location for each of their clients, bearing in mind the specifications and complexity of each project.

Global Analysis

• Identify the number, general location and function of facilities.
• Evaluate critical factors: labor, taxes, incentives, transportation and utilities.
• Strategy development for:

· Manufacturing and distribution facility location..
· Facility relocation.
· Supply chain modernization.
· Network optimization.
· Facility expansion and consolidation evaluation.

Site Selection

• Select candidate building sites in appropriate metropolitan areas or communities.
• Evaluate and compare critical factors as they relate to operational requirements.
• Operating cost analysis.
• Transportation assessment.
• Community screening.
• Site/building evaluation.
• Utility service assessment.
• Labor market assessment.

Due Diligence

• Ensure risk is minimized and that project moves forward within the timeline.
• Manage outside contract services.
• Environmental assessment.
• Geo-technical analysis.
• Risk management.
• Zoning and building code review.
• Fees and surcharge evaluation.
• Permitting schedule review.

Incentive Negotiation

• Negotiate development incentive programs that are tailored to the needs of the project.
• Prepare program applications and represent client to obtain local, state, regional, utility and other incentive packages.
• Incentive agreement negotiation.
• Tax segregation analysis.
• Workforce development programs review.
• Infrastructure grant negotiation.
• Claw-back impact analysis.
• Incentive programs on-going audit and compliance.

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