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The 2nd International Course in Dry Cured Meat Products will provide a comprehensive review of all a...
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The Port of Barcelona increased its container export levels by 12% during the first half of 2013 setting a new record
Container exports from the Port of Barcelona reached 276,566 TEU's for the first half of this year, ...
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Principles of hygienic design

The Meat and Poultry industry has some of the strictest operating conditions and most demanding processes in food manufacture and processing. Manufacturers are under increasing consumer and legislative pressure to ensure product quality and safety.

To prevent biological contamination of meat and poultry products, product inspection equipment must be designed and constructed with hygienic principles in mind.
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Distribution sector (supermarkets)

Projects for the distribution sector (supermarkets) with their own food factories (situated or not situated in the same industrial area)
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The guarantee of a leading group

GEI-2A is an engineering firm with a broad experience in the agrofood sector, able to provide the best technical-financial solution for any industrial requirement.
As specialised engineers, we intend to be your assistant for:
The best layout of your facilities, having in mind eventual expansions.
Determination of the best process and its adaptation to the operating conditions.
Achieving the best productivity for your facility.
Finding the optimal cost, more objective and better adjusted to your project.
Information on the best official help and subsidies to which you can have access.

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