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Friday, December 1, 2023   

Elements of the conception of a project

Our ideas on planning an Industrial Project have been conditioned by a series of elements which we consider important for its complete development, taking them into account throughout the process and continually consulting the various points with the customer.

Clean environment

Moving towards the clean concept of “white industry.”
Notion of "moving forward."
Avoiding crossovers of materials in different stages.
Separation of “clean” and “dirty” environments.
Physical separation between processes and related operations.


Product flows as short and linear as possible.
Reduction of intermediate steps during the process.
Maximum automation of transfers.


Active and passive protection against fire.
Factory design as safe as possible.
Safety in working operations, safety rules, food hygiene and occupational hazards.
Environment-friendly acoustic, bacteriological and isothermal protection.


Flexible production shops to adapt products to new needs.
Modular and easily modifiable facilities.
Flexibility of teams.
Organisation of the available space.


Calculation of real budgets, optimising the price-quality ratio.
Technical-economic study of the bids.
Negotiation with bidders to achieve the best prices without losing quality.


Use of recyclable, sustainable materials of certified origin.
Contracting companies who guarantee tidiness, cleanness and recycling during the work.
Priority search for energy and construction solutions with reduced ecological impact.

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