GEI-2A. Grupo europeo de ingeniería agroalimentaria y ambiental

Friday, December 1, 2023   


Being an indispensable element for the right development of the productive process in any industry, logistics have evolved along these last years so that it now encompasses the management of goods and information flows.

Among the logistics that GEI-2A contributes to a company’s needs are; the best production method acting on specific areas such as the introduction of automatisms and industrial computing in real time, continuous maintenance systems, dynamic stocks, connection of weighing machines, labelling groups, bar code readers, workshop terminals, neutral pHs, automatic identification, radio frequency chips, etc.

  • Flexible Plants
  • Semi-finished Product Warehouses
  • Carving-up, Boning and Packaging Rooms
  • Real-time Order Picking
  • Shipment Docks
  • Quality Control
  • Industrial Weighting and Production Management
  • Centralised Technical Management, Process Control

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