GEI-2A. Grupo europeo de ingeniería agroalimentaria y ambiental

Saturday, May 18, 2024   


Projects for the distribution sector (supermarkets) with their own food factories (situated or not situated in the same industrial area)

A new trend is emerging in companies which are owners of supermarket chains. They aim to produce their own food (their best sellers like meat, bread, dairy products, fruit and vegetables and ready made meals etc). Mercadona, Edeka, Migros, Carrefour are but a few of the successful examples of this practice.

The advantage of this is to increase their competitiveness through:

. Reduction of costs approx 30%.
. Traceability guaranteed.
. Standardisation of products.
. Better logistical control.
. Quality control.
. Simplification of labelling, packaging and distribution.

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