GEI-2A. Grupo europeo de ingeniería agroalimentaria y ambiental

Friday, December 1, 2023   


New models of processes and more effective facilities force the dairy industry enterprises to plan again their production models in order to be able to compete in a sector conditioned by the big markets.

An essential base to face the new challenges comes out of the technical-industrial factor: producing high quality milk and derivatives, both as regards nutritional value and hygienically and sanitary aspects, without forgetting the maximum productive profitability.

Having all that in mind, GEI-2A offers the best way for achieving and intelligent design where all factors will comply with the desired quality, financial and productive requirements.

  • Milk Collection, Treatment and Packaging Units
  • Cheese (fresh, semi-fresh and cured) industries
  • Yoghurts and milk-based desserts
  • Ice creams.

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