GEI-2A. Grupo europeo de ingeniería agroalimentaria y ambiental

Friday, December 1, 2023   


Performance in livestock production is fundamental for productivity, quality and efficiency of producers, cooperatives and vertically integrated companies in the meat and poultry sector.

GEI-2A provides the technical knowledge to design and conception of integrated projects for developing countries, in order to reach the "self-sufficiency and food sovereignty", working in different fields throughout the food chain, from farms to the final consumer.

GEI-2A also has the experience and official support exporter of one of the first regions globally recognized in the following areas:

  • Manufactured feed.
  • Poultry farms and pig meat complex, genetics, etc. (Insemination pregnancy maternity fattening).
  • Exploit integral birds (hatcheries, breeders, etc.).
  • Exploit beef and milk.
  • Other holdings of other species.
  • Slaughterhouses and cutting plants.
  • Plants of biogas.
  • Aquaculture, (SRA), water storage system, etc.
  • Marketing.

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